This guide will teach how to use a reporter camera during the live stream

Reporter camera is different from the other cameras that are placed in cases dedicated to streaming. These cameras have a different software setting and should be used for on-demand streaming audio/video or both to take interviews. Reporter cameras can be identified by the label on the box. These devices will be marked as "reporter" or "Home Team Name -004". Normally you can use these cameras to take interviews from players during the live stream. 

Whenever a reporter camera is in use it's becoming a primary and only source for video/audio stream or both.

Please see the image below:


The image above shows the main screen of LISA application which can be found on every reporter's phone. In order to use a reporter camera this application needs to be open. 

Yellow arrows represent everything you need to know in order to use a reporter camera:

  • The headset icon on the top right side of the screen - represents that microphone is connected to the reporter camera. Please make sure that you use 3 pins TRRS type plug (see the image below)
  • LISA-TEST-VILNIUS 004: Reporter - in the top left corner of the screen you can identify the type of device. If it's marked 004 and there is a word Reporter it means that you use the correct phone.

  • 1. Audio - it's the first button to control the reporter camera. If you click on the "Audio button" it will mute the main camera which is dedicated to streaming and the microphone of the reporter camera becomes the source for sound.

  • 2. Video -  the second button to control the reporter camera. If you click on the "Video" button reporter camera will become a primary source for the video stream, meaning that it will no longer display for viewers what main or additional cameras are capturing and will start streaming what the reporter camera is capturing.

  • 3. Both - this is the last button to control the reporter camera. If you click on "Both" it will make the reporter camera primary source for both video and audio of the stream stopping audio and video from the main cameras that are placed on the walls. 

NOTE: Since the reporter camera is intended to be used only for Audio, the only button that the POC should press is the Audio one.

Lastly, if you wish to stop using reporter cameras functionalities you need to click once again on the button that you previously clicked. Please see the image below to see how to identify that one of the reporter camera features is on (audio in this case).