1. Logging in

The software can be installed on any browser platform or any device as it is fully web based.
To log in enter the address:

Log in information will be provided privately.

Once logged in you will see an options screen.

  • Click on the “Sportzbot ” drop down arrow.
  • From the drop down list click on “Volleyball”

  • This will now bring you to the Volleyball Score page.
  • From this page it is ESSENTIAL that the tab Bot is clicked and activated (this is the link from the venue to the Genius live Video team to integrate the teams and scores).

Get your BOT number from GeniusLive Implementation & Support.

  • Click on the “Select a Bot” drop down arrow.
  • From the drop down list click on bot number which was provided for your league.
  • This will now bring you to the Volleyball Score page.

It will bring up the main screen.

N.B For this season we will utilise the one option available taken from indoor matches which shows the options for 5 sets.

This has been adjusted internally to only allow 3 sets in the score inlay and will look like this on the stream.

NOTE: Unfortunately this is a new version of the software the “default” team names are AwayTeam and HomeTeam . However, these will be substituted in every match by the Team “A” and Team “B” names in the draw. (with team A always starting the first set to the left hand court looking from the scorers table)..

   2. Inputting Teams

To change the team names the software will only allow 8 characters in the team boxes.

To ensure simplicity and accuracy the team names should be entered with the first three letters of their Surname with a “/” separating the two players.

You will see in the example the two teams chosen are:

  • Parviainen / Peltonen (Team “A")
  • Topio / Vetriö (Team “B")

(Please ensure that the names are exactly the same as on the official score sheet).

To change the team names:

  • Click on the Box with the team name inside it.
  • This will bring up a drop down box which the new team can then be entered i.e PAR/PEL
  • Click on Submit

Repeat with the home team i.e TOP/VET:

  • Click on the Box with the team name inside it.
  • Insert correct team name.
  • Click on Submit and the match is ready for scoring.

The inplay will change automatically and look like this in the streamed match:

   3. Inputting Scores

Once the teams are set up the match is ready for inputting.

Enter points score using “+” / “
Set scores will be shown in the Game boxes.

N.B the default time outs are set at 2, please ignore this input for this version it is not shown in the score inlay.

   4. Completing the set

Once a team has won the set click on the “+” box on the “game tab

This will then Automatically enter the completed set in the Game boxes and the next set is ready for entry.

This will also automatically enter the set score to The winning team.

The next set is ready for the start of play and the next Game Box will be input with the score.

Continue for sets 2 and 3 (if needed)

   5. Completing the match

Once a team has won the match the scoreboard should look something like this -->

And the scoreboard inlay will look like this:


After this point there are three things to do:

  1. Leave the scoreboard complete until the match scoresheet has
    been signed off
  2. Once the official match is closed click on “new match”
  3. Repeat the instructions for inputting new teams and begin the
    next match


At the bottom right-hand side of the page you will see 2 health indicators

  • If it says "Connected" your connection to the BotServer (where you bot lives) is healthy, if it says "Disconnected" the problem is with your browser's connection. 
  • To the left of this there is a green box. When the box is flashing, this means you are receiving packets from the BotServer, when it stays light green and does not flash, your connection is good but you are not receiving data. 

At the bottom left-hand side of the page each message received from the server is displayed.