1. Logging in

The software can be installed on any browser platform or any device as it is fully web based.
To log in enter the address:

Log in information will be provided privately.

Once logged in you will see an options screen.

  • Click on the “Sportzbot ” drop down arrow.
  • From the drop down list click on “Tennis”

  • This will now bring you to the Tennis Score page.
  • From this page it is ESSENTIAL that the tab Bot is clicked and activated (this is the link from the venue to the Genius live Video team to integrate the teams and scores).

Get your BOT number from GeniusLive Implementation & Support.

  • Click on the “Select a Bot” drop down arrow.
  • From the drop down list click on bot number which was provided for your league.
  • This will now bring you to the Volleyball Score page.

It will bring up the main screen.

If you started a new bot, you need to start a new match by clicking the “New Match” button on the bottom of the screen. A new window will appear asking if you want to create a new game, select "Yes". When a match is started, all values are initialized, and you are ready to begin scoring.

   2. Inputting Names

To change the team names the software will only allow 8 characters in the team boxes.

To ensure simplicity and accuracy, when doubles are playing, names should be entered with the first three letters of their Surname with a “/” separating the two players.

(Please ensure that the names are exactly the same as on the official score sheet).

To change the names:

  • Click on the Box with the team name inside it.
  • This will bring up a drop down box which the new team can then be entered.
  • Click on Submit.

   3. Assign Serve

To indicate the current player serving, press the tennis ball icon and a tennis ball icon will appear next to the player who is serving.

   4. Award game points / games / set

To award game points to a player, hit the + or – buttons beneath a player’s name. The points will cycle through the possible points scenarios: 0, 15, 30, 40, Game.

When a game is won, “GA” will be displayed, meaning that the game can be awarded to the player.

In the case of a 40-40 game, deuce scoring automatically begins and the deuce button will turn red. switching the Scoring to 40, Adv, Game.


To award this game to a player, increment the current game by pressing the + button next to the game number indicator. Game number will increase by 1, the game will be awarded in the set score and the game scores will reset to 0.

To go back a game, press the – button next to the game number indicator, the game number will decrease by 1. Also, the game will be unscored, and you will be asked to provide the correct set score. Then the game points will return to 0-0.


When a set is complete, you can score the set by pressing the + button next to the set number indicator.

  • When the app determines the winner of the set, their match score (next to player name) will be incremented and their set score will turn green.
  • A set can be scored at any time, there are no rules governing how many games must be played before you can score it.
  • You cannot score a set that is tied.
  • To go back a set, press the – button next to the set number indicator. Then the match score will be decreased, and set will be unscored.

   5. Tiebreaks

If a set goes to a tie break, or if you are scoring a game with a 3rd set tiebreaker, simply press the “tie break” button. the Button will turn red when tie breaks are activated, and a new row will appear under the game score.

  • To score the tie break, simply use the + and – buttons.
  • The tie break score will appear as a superscript above the set score.
  • When the tie break is done, advance the set to score the tie break.
  • There are no rules governing when a tie break can begin, so you can even start a tie break in a 0-0 set.

When the match is over, there are three things to do:

  1. Leave the scoreboard complete until the match scoresheet has
    been signed off
  2. Once the official match is closed click on “new match”
  3. Repeat the instructions for inputting new teams and begin the next match