In this guide, you will find recommended steps on how to store your Genius Live solutions for the off-season and some tips to keep in mind when doing so.

First of all, we recommend you find a box big enough to fit all the components which might include: the phone, the 4G or edge router, the casing, the power double socket, the Unifi Access Point, the POE injector, and the cables that come with each installation:

1. Casing with cooling fan and power cable.

2. Microphone.

3. USB splitter.

4. Power double socket


1. Get to the camera casing and unplug the microphone and power cable from the USB-C splitter connected to the phone and wrap them for storage. 

To prevent damage, we suggest you roll these cables, and all other cables, in a way that there are no hard bends, but actually curves (as seen in the examples), and then tie them with some rope:

2. Now you can also unplug the cooling fan's power cable, wrap it and leave it inside the casing as it is attached to the cooling fan. Portable solutions should be dismounted from the tripod and stored as well.

For permanent solutions, you can leave the casing in the base plate, if the fan will be safe from damage staying there; but you can also remove the black screws and store the casing too. 

3. Then take out the phone and the USB-C splitter and turn off the phone. When you have the phone in your hand, please send us to our Skype a frontal and sideways picture of it for us to check the integrity of the equipment. The sideways picture should be taken like this:

Before storing the phone, it would be good to wrap the phone in a piece of cloth or a bag to prevent scratches on the camera and screen.

4. Now go to the router and unplug the cables and equipment belonging to the Genius Live Solution. This is a summary of the objects that you should have after unplugging depending on the router:

  • Edge Router: 1x EdgeRouter X, 1x POE injector, 1x Unifi access point, 3x ethernet cables.
  • 4G Router:  1x 4G router, 1x POE injector, 1x Unifi access point, 2x ethernet cables.

1. Edge router

2. 4G Router

3. Unifi POE injector

4. Unifi access point

5. Ethernet cables

5. The last step would be to put everything inside the box. The box should not be subject to a lot of movement and we also recommend visibly labeling it as "FRAGILE" so people handle it properly. Make sure it is stored in a fresh place and with no humidity to preserve the integrity of the pieces.

Any doubts reach out to our support team on Skype so we can help you get this done. 

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Thanks :)