Genius Live(GL) is capable of restreaming to specific social media platforms. For this purpose GL will require the creation of stream key to be created for sending the stream to the desired platform. This article will guide you in setting up static restreaming keys to Facebook and Youtube.

:blue_book: Instructions

Creating a static stream key for Facebook

  1. In your Facebook profile select “Live Video”

  2. You will be redirected to your Live Producer page, there you will need to select “Streaming Software” as your option of Video source

  3. Once that is selected, scroll down until you reach “Advance Settings” and enable “Persistent Stream Key”

  4. Now, you’re stream key will remain the same while this setting is on

  5. After you have a static stream key, you can send it to the GeniusLive team via email

Creating a static stream key for Youtube: 

1. Once you have logged into your streaming channel, on the top right corner of the screen select the “Go live” option, this will redirect you to your streaming dashboard.

2. In the streaming dashboard under “Select Stream key”, you will see that Youtube will already have generated a default stream key for you. This stream key is static and will not change

3. If you want to create a new stream key, under “Select stream key” select  “Create new stream key”, add a description, leave the streaming protocol as “RTMP (Default)” and click “Create”

4. Now, you will have a static stream key that will be saved in your Youtube streaming channel

5. After you have selected your static stream key of choice, you can send it to the GeniusLive team via email